Monday, May 13, 2013

The Weekend's Racing

Watched the ALMS race at Laguna Seca on ESPN3 (live streaming).  Fewer commercials and more technically-oriented commentary than we get on TV.  It was a good race: the top 8 cars in GT were "line astern" with a car-length or so between them after the first round of pit stops.  The finish was marred by a long full-course yellow and  a "green/white checker," which could have been avoided.  So NASCARisms are already creeping in.   I'm really looking forward going to Road America in August for the first time in years to watch ALMS.  It will be fine to see the GT's in one of the last "LeMans rules" races on a great course.  Even though we'll know less about race developments than media watchers.

And I watched the Spanish Grand Prix on TV.  It is a joy to see Fernando Alonso get more out of a second-rate car than anyone else can, although, as the announcers pointed out, the 2013 Ferrari may not  be a second rate car.  (It races better than it qualifies.)  It was not surprising to learn that, with his win in Spain, Alonso has surpassed Nigel Mansell on the all-time wins list (behind Schumacher, Prost, and Senna).  Alonso's gritty determination reminds me of Mansell.  But he can do more with a so-so car.

Monaco is only two weeks away!  It still has some of the flavor of the old circuit, from Ste. Devote to the chicane after the tunnel.

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