Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nissan Nismo LMP1 "GT-R"

Well... this is interesting...  I didn't realize the Nissan LMP1 car was a front-driver until Leno's Garage hit me over the head with it.  It's an interesting re-think of the hybrid rules for LMP1.  The need for unobstructed venturi tunnels reverses fifty-five years of rear engine/rear-drive design theory.

Driver visibility is nil (not that it's great in other current prototypes). Which makes close-quarters racing hard, not to mention nailing apexes.  So I'm guessing the team orders will be "Don't race wheel-to-wheel, run to our bogey lap time."  That's the old John Wyer theory about the route to victory at LeMans.  Everything old is new again.

It's hard to understand how this car won't eat its front tires.  But as a devoted (old) Mini and Civic Si fan, I'll be rooting for it at LeMans.  When I'm not paying close attention to the GT category, where the real fun and interest are.

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