Saturday, June 13, 2015

Driver Coaching (James May & Jackie Stewart On "Top Gear")

Once again, I can "relate" to James May.  Jackie Stewart jumps in a car he hasn't driven before and lays down a lap of 1:59.  May's baseline lap is 2:26--27 seconds slower.  Stewart says May can go 20 seconds faster.  It takes him an entire day of coaching, but May finally does a 2:06.  Still 7 seconds off Stewart's time.  That's the difference between the naturals and us mere mortals.

As one who has been coached, I can attest that the lessons taught make perfect sense. They're easy to understand.  The trick is consistent execution.  And when you get frustrated with your own inconsistency, you may think to yourself what May says outloud: "This is probably will happen to me in Hell: a TVR, a race track, and a pedantic Scotsman."  ;-)

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