Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring 2015 Dragon Run: Making Passes (Post 2)

Life was complicated a bit (but only a bit) by the Volvo C 30 group and a DGMR parking lot full of Buell motorcycles and the pickup trucks and trailers that hauled them in.  I say "a bit" because the Volvo group was small-ish and the Buell riders were fast-ish.

More problematic was a fairly large Mazda 3 group that showed up unannounced and who liked to run hard, nose-to-tail.  Much loud "tuner pipes" hooning, and much loud talk of hooning.  Of course nobody says clubs have to announce their weekends, and some don't because they believe law enforcement would be less inclined to visit the Dragon.  (We saw law enforcement on both days we were there.  My own view is that LEO's are to be expected on weekends when the weather gets nice.)

A couple of years ago, Killboy asked of the C 30 "'Is it OK to like Volvos now?"  I guess it is, particularly if it's a
2.5-liter turbo with 220 horsepower.  The car looks better--way better-- in the flesh than in pictures.

Being an ancien, I go all the way back to the 122 model with Volvo.  It was rare to encounter a Volvo
owner with a sense of humor, especially a sense of humor about cars.  Another plus for C 30 owners.


Unknown said...

I was searching for some info on the tail of the dragon and came across this, just had to laugh about your "showed up unannounced" line. Not only did Nator (The fraternal group within announce that we were coming that week, we set up a benefit with the local PD and food bank. We hosted the Mayor of Robbinsville, as well as the chief of police and the head of the food bank. We didn't just run wild, we had roughly 200 members that were broken down into groups according to their skill level and placed with instructors. We got along with every group we ran into, and received a lot of compliments on our behavior. We rented out all but one room in the microtel, as well as most of the campground, not sure how much more announcement we could have made. Sorry you got rubbed the wrong way, for what it's worth a few of us tried to talk to your group, but most of the Volvo crowd weren't into chatting.

Pilote Ancien said...

By "unnanounced," I meant you weren't on the calendars at the DGMR or the Store.. At least I didn't see a Mazda group. I wasn't with the Volvo group either, and yes, they WERE pretty silent. (Put the pix up because I like the car.) Your group was fine, as I remember it. Was complaining more about groups--period--than yours. Groups are part of life on the Dragon, try as I might to avoid them. A couple of good Dragon friends are group members, so, if I want to see them "live" I have to go when their group does.

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