Thursday, April 16, 2015

(Slightly) Off Topic: Vive La France!

My daughter, who is an NGO professional and fluent in French, sent me this link.  We both laughed, and we both love France.  (No, I have not tried to get anything accomplished in France in August.)

Cultural stereotypes exist for a reason.  My own favorite is about the Frenchman who said "That's all very well in practice, but does it work in theory?"  Consider the two most iconic French cars, the Citroen 2CV and DS 19.  They began as clean-sheet design concepts, rooted in clear goals.  They were executed with rigorous logic and creative engineering.

Or consider cultural stereotypes going the other way.  Jeremy Clarkson observed on Top Gear, as he pounded down an Autoroute in Normandy, well above the speed limit in a Shelby Mustang, "There is nothing the French love so much as Englishman flouting their laws in a flashy American car."

Above and below: the Citroen 2CV and DS 19.  You're welcome, World.  It's hard to lead when followers can't think
straight.  Merde!  I wish the French had stuck to their principles.  What is a modern Peugeot?  A poorly done Toyota.
What is a modern Citroen?  A very poorly done Toyota.


Kate said...

Those are ugly cars. Really ugly. And I don't care about car design...

Pilote Ancien said...

You are a lousy Anglo-Saxon! Your mother smelt of Elderberries, and I fart in your general direction, you
crummy English Knig-it!

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