Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sport & Specialty FaceBook Page

John's Alfa race car.  Sport & Specialty has been historically known as a British marque restoration
shop, especially Austin Healeys and Jags.  But S &S can and will do anything for any marque,
from full restoration down to race tuning and repairs on street-driven classics.

I was waiting to do another post on John Saccameno's shop, Sport & Specialty, until I had a chance to visit last winter.  Various considerations precluded that.  Now we're deep into the race prep season and on the cusp of dropping green flags.  John has a new/old Caterham Seven.  He's a busy man.  So  a shop visit is on hold.

But Sport & Specialty now has an interesting FaceBook page in addition to its website.  Here's the link:

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