Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Random Idea, Free To A Good Home

The 1957 Thunderbird: best-looking 'Bird of them all, and one of the best-looking cars of the 1950's.

A mildly "resto-modded" '57 Thunderbird crossed the block at a Mecum auction.  It looked original at first glance (or even second), but had a Boss 302 under the hood.  I thought it was a clever idea.  The old "Y-block" V-8 from the '50's was a boat anchor.

Here's a better one: a "pro-touring" '57 'Bird.  With the modern aluminum 4-cam under the hood and its companion Tremec right behind.  Big disc brakes, lowered suspension with upgrades including a Watts-link rear axle or XK-E i.r.s.  A performance-oriented interior.  If you're gonna update/upgrade a '57 Bird, turn it up to 11.  And it might be one of one.  Pro-touring Chevelles, Camaros, and Mustangs are fairly common, but I've never seen an early Bird restored that way.

This owner has the right idea, but the shape of the rear wheel arches needs to echo the fronts, and it needs real
performance-oriented wheels and tires.

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