Saturday, July 12, 2014

Margaret Calvert / James May Interview

This is the best Top Gear segment I've seen: informative and funny.  Captain Slow is the go-to guy for all serious Top Gear presentations.  James on the Vauxhall he's testing: "When you select the 'max performance' mode, the instruments turn red!!!"  Margaret Calvert on James May: "I suppose my work is why I wind up being interviewed by people like you."  Irony and sarcasm: right up Pilote's alley.

Elsewhere Calvert has said that she was a graphic designer before the field existed as a self-conscious profession.  And she points out that there are two sides to graphic design: playful, creative and inventive, and the need to make your message clear.  At one extreme are clever, instantly recognizable, logos.  At the other are road signs that contain much more information, that your mind can digest in a couple of seconds without thinking much about it:

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