Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Purdy Car

This is the classiest iteration of the classiest sponsorship colors in Grand Prix racing.  I don't know the circumstances--maybe cigarette advertising was banned at a particular circuit?  For whatever reason, the John Player Special appears only with Valvoline and Olympus logos, and those fine gold pinstripes (in both senses of the word).

And five laurel wreaths on the rear wing, signifying Lotus's manufacturer's championships, located to signify Colin Chapman's hunger for more.  In the Lotus 79, Mario Andretti gave him his sixth and last. In their John Player Special years, Lotus cars were raced only in this bi-chromatic color scheme: black with gold pinstripes, race numbers, and sponsor logos.  Simple elegance.

These are the Formula 1 Championships won by Lotus when Colin Chapman was running it:

1963     Lotus 25     Jim Clark
1965     Lotus 33     Jim Clark
1968     Lotus 49     Graham Hill
1970     Lotus 72     Jochen Rindt
1972     Lotus 72     Emerson Fittipaldi
1978     Lotus 79     Mario Andretti

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