Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weather Rant

It's unnatural; it just ain't right.  The top should be down, the trees should be budding, and the grass greenish.

I try to keep the miles off my toy.  It goes out only for fun, never in rain or salt.  Its lifetime average mileage in March and April is 70 and 90.  This year, so far, it's been 30 and 15.

On the Tail of the Dragon a year ago, it was sunny shirtsleeve weather.  This year we got 7 inches of snow over two days.  Minneapolis got three days of snow last week: enough to screw up commutes and get the snowblower out.  Hotshoe and I have been trying to schedule our monthly pasta extravaganza here in Chicagoland.  It rained most of last week.  This week we've had 50's with rain.  Snow flurries are forecast for Friday with a high in the 40's.  Enough already!

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