Friday, April 26, 2013

How To Double-Apex On The Dragon

When Killboy speaks, smart people listen.  You can learn a lot about driving the Dragon from watching his in-car videos.  And he rode the Dragon for years on sportbikes.  This video is a fine tutorial about how to handle a double-apex that isn't an obvious one.

There was some chatter in the Comments section of Killboy's Highlights page about "What a double-apex is."  Is it two bends (turning in the same direction) strung together, or a single bend with a radius that varies?  For purists, it's the former.  But from the viewpoint of this tutorial, it's a distinction without a difference.  A bike line is slightly different from a car line, but the basic principle is the same: you want to turn it into one continuous, flowing, corner.  Without running out of road at the exit.  And, on the Dragon, if you've run out of lane, you've run out of road.

If you want to see the Dragon done really fast, here's another recent Killboy video:

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