Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun With Search Terms (#2)

Here's the most recent batch of search terms that plopped people into a blog that probably told them more, or less that was useful, than they wanted to know.  And the thoughts that came to my mind.

"What did Joan of Arc look like?"  Who knows?

"Alfa tubular GTZ"  Yes, it was--totally...

"Ferrari GTZ"  You're in the right church; the pews are but minor theological quibbles.

"Brooks Racing Enterprises Datsun 510"  Close enough (Brock Racing Enterprises).

"Malmedy"  The town?  The massacre?  The corner?

"MG front wire wheel hub"  Uh oh, that sounds like a frustrating scavenger hunt.

"unrestored Sherman tank"  Even tougher.

"Porsche Carrera striping"  Could I interest you in my proposed Stripe Delete Option?

"driving shoes Porsche 911"  I'm a Porschephile, but they ain't that special.  Any good shoe will do.

"OZ Alleggerita White"  Most advised me that Anthracite was the way to go, and they were right.

"Miles Collier Museum"  Actually, it's called CH Motorcars, and open only by appointment, if you can get one.  Which is sad (it used to have regular hours).  It is the history of road racing in the U.S.

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