Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1969 Porsche 917 PA (1:18 Model)

Above and below: exposure increased in these pics to present better online.  As far as I can tell, the actual white and blue
are perfect.  Rear deck is not removable.  Actual car is in the Collier/Revs Institute Museum in Naples. FL.

Above: closeup of mirrors and struts supporting the "dive planes."
Below: closeup of the power train / rear part of the frame.

Manufacturer information for those interested.

This is the best 1:18 scale scale die-cast model of a Porsche 917 K that I've found.  C.M.C. is my benchmark, but doesn't make a 917.  Normally I don't have a problem with Autoart (and I have their 917 LH Martini & Rossi).  But the rear frame detail of Autoart's 917 K doesn't satisfy me.

The underside of the Spark model could be better, but there is nothing to complain about as the model rests on its wheels.  The detail is so good, and so delicate, that I got a plastic display case for it.  It's expensive.  But I doubt my own ability to improve on it (with limited and rusty skills) enough that the unbuilt Tamiya 1:24 scale plastic kit will remain, for now, in its box on my closet shelf.


Ric Johnson said...

Here it is at the REVS Institute:

Pilote Ancien said...

That's a GREAT album! Visited Revs/Collier once, years ago. Will go again if in FL again...

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