Monday, August 10, 2015

Notes on The LeMans GT's At Road America 2015

Watched the Tudor race on TV, as usual paying attention only to GT.  I was hoping to find stills or video for this post of the agricultural excursion at the end of the race that cost Risi Competizione second place, but nothing has shown up on the internet yet.  Risi had a good battle with the Porsche factory cars.  But it was evident (a lap or two earlier than the last lap "off" at Turn 13) that the 458 had run out of grip.  As usual, an excellent race.

I noticed that the jungle that had grown up from The Kink to Turn 13, about which I complained so bitterly two years ago, has been cut down.  The path from Canada Corner up to the Kink appears to have been repaired and widened.  Rows of golf carts were parked at the braking zone into Canada.  So one of my old favorite viewing areas has been restored to its former glory.  In lieu of a good picture of Risi at Road America, here's a short phone video of the car headed toward Canada Corner.  This is why it's is such a good viewing spot:

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