Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(Another) Shout-Out To Darryl Cannon

Darryl gave up riding several years ago.  On four wheels, he's as fast as any of the Dragon's regulars.

I'm off for a short trip to the Tail of the Dragon, and looking forward to hanging out with Darryl "Killboy" Cannon again.

Here's a link to a locally-produced half-hour TV show about the Dragon  It's basically three interviews.  The one with Darryl is in the middle and starts at 11:20.

It can be fairly said that he's a Dragon promoter, and of course he has a business interest in doing so. But  first came his love of the road, which I shared after my first pass.  When you push the limits in fast driving, "stuff happens."  Then there are the novices and idiots you may encounter coming the other way.  (I have learned to back out of it when I see oncoming traffic, until I know what I'm dealing with.)  Darryl gets that, and put it better elsewhere than he does in the video about selling crash photos: it's Bad Karma.

Watching him has taught me more about how to drive the Dragon than all the other (countless) Dragon videos combined.  And Darryl is one of the most decent people on the planet.

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