Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Porsche Spyder As A Comedy Prop

1958 Porsche Typ 718 RSK Spyder

It doesn't work for me--I can't stop focusing on the sights and sounds of the car.  But when Jerry Seinfeld summarizes the Spyder in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, he nails it.  He did the same in the episode featuring his 911 Carrera RS (...well... maybe Seth Meyers was featured...).

Kevin Hart's reaction to his ride in a Spyder is exactly the same as mine was in 1963.  Here it is:

Women comedians do better than men in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.  They just roll with the car as a prop; they don't react to it as an artifact.  Ali Wentworth is hilarious riffing on the Mercedes 280 SE, as was Sarah Silverman on the XK-E.

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