Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Slayer (If Tweaked): The Ronin RS 211

This car I get, without explanation from Jay Leno.  (The owner's explanation of the drivetrain in the video gilds the lily.)  I wish I had the skills needed to handle it near its limits and I'd love to drive it.  Once, at 7/10's.  Yes, it's only good for a sunny day in the California canyons, but what a day!

And I know of some people in Dragonland who are thinking about or executing parts of similar builds. Maybe less spendy.  And maybe they'd "turn it down from 11."  After all, as the "King of the Dragon" said in the Road & Track online piece about it (I paraphrase): 1) any more than 300 h.p. is wasted and, 2) the key is to get the front end to stick--then to keep the back end in line.

Here's the vid:


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