Sunday, September 28, 2014

Scirocco Update

After a long hiatus to deal with more pressing matters, and giving  fuel line issues a good think, Hotshoe has delved into his Scirocco again.  One of the things that stalled him was an inability to find 8 m.m. tubing.

It turns out that 5/16 inch tubing (which is readily available) is 99.3% of 8 m.m., the nominal diameter of Volkswagen's fuel line o.e.m. spec.  In inches, .002 smaller.  This is a livable difference with good bell flares at the ends of the tubes.  The tubing is hard to bend--it's the same metallurgical spec. as o.e.m.  He will start in the engine compartment and work rearward, uncoiling the new tubing as he goes.  He needs to use a route adjacent to, but separate from, the old line.  That's because ripping out the old line, which is paired with the return line, would damage the latter (which itself is in good shape).  Finally, he needs to fabricate some stone shields where the new line may be exposed to road hazards.

The new tubing and flaring tool.  Hotshoe has sleeved the tubing with 18 short rubber hose "bumpers" to protect it
and clearance it where it makes bends and/or runs close to the chassis and the old tube.

Hotshoe has been practicing, and getting good at, bell flares.

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