Thursday, September 11, 2014

British Car Show (2014): Just Purdy And "Special Relationship"

Above and below: if there is a prettier modern GT than the Aston Martin, in A M green, I don't know what it is.

The "special relationship"--that is, sticking American V-8's into British sports cars--goes back almost as far as Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.  Right after World War Two, Sidney Allard put a flathead Ford into his own chassis.  Other Brits did the same for another 20+ years.  Of course the most legendary transplant was done on this side of the pond: Carroll Shelby's Cobra.  Then Walter Hayes of Ford of Britain funded the development of the Costworth DFV Formula 1 engine for Colin Chapman's Lotus 49, and put cam covers on it that said FORD.

Above and below: a TVR with a small-block V-8 in it.  This one looks to be an aluminum Rover (formerly Buick), but
the Ford 289 was more common.

Above and below: a SuperFormance Ford GT 40.  On first, second, and even third glance, I
mistook this for an original GT 40, even after noting the Roush engine.  The interior looks
authentic, the badging is correct, and the build quality is outstanding.  It looks like a
restored GT 40 with a Roush replacing a blown racing engine.  Gorgeous car.

Above and below: of course we stopped in at our pal John Saccameno's S&S Specialties (restoration and racing prep
shop) on vendor row.  The big Healey was completed last spring and has been vintage racing this summer.  The Jag
XK-E in the foreground has "been in the shop forever, but the owner and I have agreed that it will be finished,
delivered, and final-billed by year-end."  The car is 85% finished.  The power train, paint, and most of the
interior are done.  But it still needs brakes, some glass, and a completed dash.

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