Sunday, March 9, 2014

Off Topic: Habit

Clocks that reset themselves to Daylight Savings Time this morning: TV, computer, cell phone.  Clocks I reset myself: bedside alarm, microwave, stove, car, and wristwatch.  Just as 30 years ago, I haven't a clue about setting the clock on the DVR/VCR.  It still blinks dashes.  I can usually see at least two of these clocks from any location in my house--or anywhere else I happen to be.

"So, tell me.  Why do you still wear a watch?"

"...Um... I might be standing 40 feet from my car in the Great Smokies, or half a mile from it, flagging a corner at a club event, and wonder what time it is.  Sometimes, when the sun is out and the top is down, I can't read the dash clock in my convertible.  Glancing at my wrist is easier than pulling my cell out of my pocket."

"Would it make any difference in the way you're managing your time?"


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