Monday, March 17, 2014

Hurray For The White & Blue!

Cunningham C4-R, Mulsanne Corner, LeMans, 1953.  Bill Spear and Briggs Cunningham came 7th in this car, behind
two Jaguar C-Types, another C4-R, a Ferrari 340 MM, and a Gordini 124S.  Cunningham never achieved his lifelong
goal of winning LeMans in his own, or another American, car.  But his teams were competitive and he came as close
as 2nd.  He took Corvette to LeMans for the first time (and last for a long time) in 1960.

A new, exhaustive, biography of Briggs Cunningham has been published.  Here's the link to "Jay Leno's Book Club":

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