Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Kinds of Memory

...square-a wheel...

Finally, rain here cleared the salt and the roads dried.  So I got a chance to warm up the Mustang's fluids by taking it for its emissions test.  Not exactly a fun run, on suburban surface streets that I knew would be clean, but the car hadn't been out in over three months.

The tires develop "memory" if the car sits for longer than three weeks, so the first five miles were whump-whump-whump.  And, although I was going for an Italian Look when I ordered the car (red with tan leather), those initial miles reminded me of an Italian snark from 50 years ago--and made me smile.

The imported car store I worked for had an Italian mechanic who worked on the many Alfas and some Fiats that we sold.  He was unimpressed with our British offerings.  When a BMC car had to be pushed into the shop, which wasn't unusual in those Lucas Electrics days, he would peer out from under the hood of the Alfa he was working on and raise his voice in a sing-song chant: "...square-a wheel... bicycle-a brake...  falf-a job...!"  The rest if us joined in if there wasn't a customer standing at the Service Desk, who might own a British car.  Good times.


Watchtower said...

These cars look great without those goofy wing spoilers on the deck lid, however it could be that I'm a bit bias : )

Pilote Ancien said...

Your good taste came with the car. I had to check the "spoiler delete" box. Asked the salesman if this took $150 off the cost of the car, because useless stuff was coming OFF. He smiled.

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