Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sting Ray: Present At The Creation (Pete Brock)

Meadowdale, 1959: Dr. Dick Thompson in Bill Mitchell's Sting Ray (barely discernable as such, in second place)
chases Lance Reventlow's Scarab into the braking zone for Little Monza.

I've posted about Bill Mitchell's Sting Ray before, but didn't know that Pete Brock had a hand in it. Brock has one of the most impressive resumes in American sports car styling: a major contribution to the Sting Ray race car, an "assist" on the Corvette Sting Ray street car, and his own Cobra Daytona coupe.  Here's the link to Brock's discussion of his new book with Jay Leno:

Personally, I prefer the '65-'67 Corvette Sting Ray to the Split Window.  It has a cleaner look: vertical side vents on the front fender, no fake hood vents, and the rear window is cleaner too.  But let it pass, let it pass.  The Corvette Sting Ray could hold its head up in the company of Europe's best.  And the great look of the car wasn't approached by a Corvette again until the C 6.  The Sting Ray race car and the Cobra coupe were among the prettiest race cars of the '50's and '60's.

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