Saturday, January 18, 2014

TR-6 Restoration (#14)

Mrs. Cuz sent some iPhone pix.  "Looking like a car again."  Regular readers will recall that the TR is a present to Mrs. Cuz.  Partly, I suppose, for following Cuz's dreams across the continent and back.  How appropriate that it should be a car!  This project has taken longer than either of them hoped or expected.  So I asked the obvious question:

"Ready for you by Valentine's Day?"
"Surely you jest!  No engine install yet."

Right door card and roll-up window installed.

Original-spec, jute interior padding is going in.

But the wiring and dash remain on the punch list.

 Mrs. Cuz chose the visuals: green/tan, chrome wire wheels.  She has excellent taste, doesn't she?

But she may be a tad optimistic when she writes "looking like a car again."

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Wannabe Hotshoe said...

These installments just bring back so many many memories. Some good, some, well, forgettable. But, that moment of fire up, roll out, under own power.....priceless. Don't do what I did once: fail to finish the brakes before the running gear. Thank you neighbor Ron for physically stopping the forward motion of the Moretti. Yeah, I know....I know....but, I was caught up in the moment!

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