Sunday, January 24, 2016

Another Shout Out To Phil Hill And the Ferrari 156 Sharknose

Not that either needs one from Pilote.  But here's a short video of Phil's Spa win too--the best contemporary vid I've seen of the 156:¬if_t=like

Ambience shot: Ferrari pit, practice, Monaco, 1961.  Wolfgang von Trips drove car 40, Richie Ginther drove car 36, and
Phil Hill drove car 38.  Ginther was the only driver (of any car) who had anything for Stirling Moss (who won) at
Monaco, with Ginther right behind.  Hill was a distant 3rd and von Trips an even more distant 4th.  But, aside
from the Nurburgring (where Moss won again), the Ferrari 156 swept the rest of the races.

Phil in action in the Station (now Loew's) Hairpin.  The 156's 65-degree V-6, based on the original 2.0-2.4 V-6, was
replaced mid-season with an even more powerful 120-degree V-6.  Power was the key to Ferrari's dominance in 1961.

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