Monday, May 18, 2015

Hail And Farewell, Crown Vic

OK, it's a Mercury Grand Marquis, not a Ford Crown Vic.  Killboy's caption: "You're not in Kansas any more."
Another thing that's wrong with this picture: no light bar, antennas, or dog dish hubcaps.

A neighbor is a Deputy for my County Sheriff's Department.  He will not be sorry to see his Crown Vic go, but not because he doesn't love the car.  Because it is old and worn out.  His replacement vehicle will be a Ford Taurus or Explorer.  Of the two, he prefers the Explorer--it's roomier inside.  Thirty percent of the new vehicles will be unmarked.  Illinois State Troopers (and other States) use the same.  An adjoining County and many local authorities hereabouts use Chevy Impalas.

I already miss the Crown Vic, and it's not even completely gone yet.  This has nothing to do with its atrocious handling and the driving skills of its civilian owners, demonstrated over the decades.  It has to do with the Crown Vic's visibility in a sea of smaller sedans, SUV's, and pickup trucks.  When you spot one, chances are 50/50 that it's an l.e.o. in his cruiser.  Even unmarked, they are easier to spot at a distance: a useful supplement to a radar detector.

Taurus, Explorer, Impala = Advantage Speed Enforcement.  Especially with the pencil-thin light bars most authorities now run.  Sigh...

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