Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another Harry Metcalfe Video

Metcalfe and I differ on the Testarossa's looks: I thought it was ugly then and still do.

Metcalfe sings the praises of his Testarossa's practicality: comfort, visibility, luggage space, and creature comforts that work.  He rightly says it's more a GT than a supercar.  Surely it must be one of the most livable Ferraris ever made.  But I'd take one of the more modern hard-edged Ferraris that he doesn't like in a heartbeat over the Testarossa, especially the 458 Italia.  But then if wishes were Ferraris, Pilote would ride... er... drive.

Around 1987, it fell to me to get a Testarossa weighed.  Two guys showed up at the steel distributorship where I worked in a Testarossa and asked if they could borrow our truck scale.  My recollection is that it weighed a bit south of 4000 lbs. with driver and fuel--maybe 3850?  That was on the heavy side in those days.  Alas, they didn't rev it so I didn't hear that sound that Metcalfe and I love.  Metcalfe says the Testarossa is not big for a supercar--it's smaller than his Countach.  It looked big to me: length and especially width.

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