Friday, February 6, 2015

"Oversteer? Got it covered."

This HD vid has some good sound.  But what struck me most was Patrick Long tossing the car into corners and catching it.  He has no problem getting the car to rotate--staying on top of it is the problem. Early 911's, including the race cars, were notorious for oversteer.  "Not a car for the unwary," as the Brits say.  (For 1969, Porsche increased the wheelbase by 2.25 inches, making it less tail-happy.)

Long has years of experience with modern Porsche GT 3's.  He chases this "In The Beginning" 911 S through corners with quick hands and fistfuls of opposite lock.  An added bonus is his helmet cam: we're looking where Patrick is looking.  The video runs 15 minutes, and he doesn't lose it, so click out when you've seen enough:

Patrick Long.  Let's say you're a Porsche factory driver (the only North American
so-employed), with 10 years of experience in GT 3's, have won your class in just
about all the major endurance races, including being a 3-time ALMS champion.
What could make you a very busy boy for an afternoon?  A 1967 911 S racer.

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