Friday, November 21, 2014

Um... Not So Much...

About a year ago, I posted that the interwebs said that the new Miata-based Alfa Romeo roadster (a design partnership) was a go: both firms had green-lighted the car.  It would have a Miata interior unibody structure and suspension, but an Alfa engine/transmission and the gorgeous PininFarina body shown above.  Or maybe a slightly uglier PininFarina skin that was crash-test compliant.  The best of Italy and Japan, blended seamlessly--a potentially great small-bore sports car.  In my heart, as Monty Python & The Holy Grail puts it, "there was much rejoicing."

Now comes the photo above of (as he says) "the new Miata-based Alfa" being tested on the Dragon.  I hope the Miata skin is a complete disguise.  If Alfa is going to charge a hefty price premium for its badge and heritage, the car needs to look a lot more like the top picture than the bottom one.  And have north of 200 horsepower.  And sound like an Alfa.  As long as I'm writing a specification, let's have a Torsen l.s.d. and a manual box.  Let's have some Italian flair with our Japanese refinement.

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