Saturday, October 11, 2014

(Another) Pleasant Surprise From Honda

Steering response and feel: not a problem.

Got a warranty extension notice from Honda: "On some 2006-09 Civic Si vehicles, the electric power steering may feel heavier than normal or is hard to turn, particularly when the vehicle is not moving.  To ensure your confidence in our product, American Honda is extending the warranty of the electric power steering to 10 years...or 150,000 miles...  No action is required on your part."

The first surprise was small: the extension itself.  I've come to regard Honda's quality and "We've got your back, owner" as second to none.  The next surprise was moderate: who turns the steering on his vehicle when it's not moving?  Unless, maybe, you're stuck in a tight three-point turn situation? It unduly stresses the alignment and components.  Doesn't everybody know that?

The third, and large surprise was that my car has electric power steering.  I just assumed it was hydraulic, and never bothered to look.  Not that it could be easily seen in the cramped engine compartment.  Road testers have been complaining about a lack of feel from electric power steering, compared to hydraulic, particularly on high-end cars.  One of the many things I love about my Si is its direct, communicative, steering.  Who knew?  Chalk another one up for Honda: they know how to do electric power steering.

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