Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Whack At The Dragon

Why is this man smiling?  Because he's leaving the motel in Lexington en-route to the Dragon.

Our triennial family reunion is in the Smoky Mountains again this year.  That's how I discovered the Tail of the Dragon.  Having heard about it, I took the opportunity of the 2011 reunion to check it out.  It didn't disappoint: this will be my seventh attempt at slaying.  The GoPro battery is charged, and my cuz is bringing one of his toys.

I had hoped to take my Mustang, to see if I can handle a broadsword as well as Watchtower does.  It can be done: I've seen him do it.  But, to put it another way, trying to slay the Dragon with a Mustang seems to me to be like doing a gymkhana in a Winnebago.  

However, the weather in KY and TN is not cooperating with my Doesn't See Rain Rule for my 'Stang.  So I will again attack the Dragon with a Bowie Knife--my Civic Si.  The ideal weapon for slaying is a Stiletto: a small rear-drive car with strong torque, to rotate the car in mid-corner.  But the grin factor remains high in my Si.

Having become a Dragon regular (plenty of previous posts), I may not return with much that's blogworthy.  Amazingly, there are no car or bike club events scheduled for the next two weekends.  That bodes well for unobstructed passes mid-week.  And you never know what or who you might see in the parking lots of the DGMR and the TotD Store.

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