Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fun With Search Terms (#7)

This (until now) recurring post may have to be given up.  Lately the blog is getting search queries like "correct TR-6 valve cover restoration color" and "Porsche 962 spool differential." Oh, you're no fun!  They're a far cry from "What did Joan of Arc look like?"  But here's the latest harvest of searches that brought me a smile:

"crown vic front suspension on mustang"  Really!?!  Seriously!?!

"los angeles used car ford gt 40"  Good luck with that...

"jackie stewart short wheelbase"  Well...he was called 'The Wee Scot...'

"prisca taruffi hot"  Was that a query or an affirmation?

Prisca Taruffi

"fat man in a cobra 289"  Thanks for asking...  I'd like to be one...

"yellow porsche on scenic highway"  Desperate for wallpaper, are you?

"drag anti-roll bars in car"  I think I know what you're looking for, but what first came to mind was a bar with a boa wrapped around it, dusted in sequins, and lubed with heavy eyeshadow.

Not Prisca Taruffi.

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